A Forever Fruitful Affiliate Program

July 18, 2018 | Editorial

Somedays world feels heavier, darker, and like nothing is going right. But you can make it summer all year, cheerful, fruitful, and a happier website ready to constantly receive your affiliate partner’s traffic. Overcoming daily struggles is no easy task, but this guide attempts to show there is no storm that lasts the whole year.

Premium And Demand It

Go wild, set no limits in your mind, and get a new look on the boring newsletter box, challenge people with the help of your affiliate partners. Make it appropriate for what is going on, take advantage of any newsjacking so your brand looks impressively up to date and on top of the trends. You can even try this renewal season to diversify your publisher mix and let your affiliate network bring you closer to meeting your desired goals. Diversifying is a highly rewarding thing to do and its’ cost will mean you are selling. Yes, diversifying your affiliate partners will only mean expanding your CPA model.

Talking About Newsjacking: Organize, Plan, And Do Not Miss Important Dates

Yes, print a nice inspiring calendar, sharp your pen, and start googling the festivities, activities, and everything that is coming up in the world, and match those events to your content. Are your e-commerce selling woman’s clothes? Do not miss to include Mother’s Day dates (remember to check if your international customers celebrate the festivity in the same day or month). Newsjack, people love and make big deals out of things that do not happen often such as Game Of Thrones or Stranger Things season premiers, can you include a “Winter is coming” or a “Fill-In-The-Blank is coming” to your advertisement? Yes? WELL WORK ON IT AND ENJOY THE EXPOSURE. Remember that creativity can take you from the worst to the best sales month of your life in a single ad.

Put Sun To The Rain And Get A Rainbow

It is all about creativity. By the way, your welcome for the “Fill-In-The-Blank is coming” idea… Back to business, it is important that you overcome that low season in your company with fuels of creativity that you can find in your affiliate partners. Using just a regular banner is not cool, playing around with landing pages and other tools that will provide your costumers with a nice experience that will help you close the sell is a better idea. Maybe even a give-away with influencers can be something that will bring fruits to your sales.

Money Keeper Or Money Giver

We at Wide Markets like to advice constant review on the commissions offering. Years of experiences has shown us and lead us to believe that the right structure will give you the right ROI, are you rewarding loyalty or the affiliate patterns driving the most sales? We have talked about it, affiliates do not complain for not receiving something more than their rightful commission, and maybe a little completion can spice up your sales. Picture this, you put out incentives of some percentage extra for the affiliate that converts the most or something similar and all the sudden they are trying harder. It is worth the shoot.

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