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Beautiful and effective options for telling your story on Wide Markets.

Put your business in focus

Whether you want to use 360 videos, Influencing marketing, a simple banner ad – or a combination of those elements – there's a Wide Markets advert format for every story. Our innovative advert formats put your business goals in the forefront, and they look great on every device and connection speed.

Videos - 360° / standard

With Wide Markets there are no boundaries and your video ads are adaptable to any format.

360° video ads are a revolutionary way to interact with your audience in an entertaining and savvy way. This method is perfect for Brand Awareness campaigns and to Drive Actions.
Innovation is the key to success in the digital environment and Wide Markets is committed to make the latest advances accessible to all kinds of businesses.

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Virtual / Augmented reality

Bring your business into the digital era.

It's impossible to ignore that the new generations are acquiring and adopting new technologies. The most advanced technology used for entertainment is the virtual reality device.
You business can run amazing campaigns to drive potential customers to take action or just to make stunning ads for branding purposes. Thousands of publishers owning the most popular apps are partnered with Wide Markets, and your business can benefit from it.

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TV ads

Drive your ads easily on smart TV`s.

Television was always a successful medium for advertising to big audiences. Now, with the developing technologies and fast adapting solutions provided by smart TV`s, we can run your advertising to specific audiences, for branding or taking action objectives.

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Smartwatch ads

Connect with your audience anywhere.

Wearable technologies are growing rapidly and Wide Markets leverage them to benefit businesses who are looking to expand their brand savvy. With hundreds of apps already partnered, we can deliver amazing ads using Smartwatches, and target the audience your business really needs.

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Localized ads

Drive localized ads using the most innovative mediums.

Whether you are a restaurant looking to drive more foot-traffic to your business, or just a flower store that wants people to know your latest offers, Wide Markets will help you promote your ads in the area by leveraging all the technological resources and digital assets partnered with us. Wide Markets partner with dozens of apps and malls to run your digital campaign in the area you wish.

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Influencing ads

The most popular social icons will trend your brand.

Social media has millions of users who learn and discover new trends and lifestyles every day. The Influencers can drive millions to buy a product with a single post, and your business is able to reach them thanks to Wide Markets. Our network partnered with the top influencers and their agencies to run adverts for our customers.

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Radio ads

Drive targeted ads to your audience when they listen to music.

Wide Markets encourage innovation to deliver better results for the advertising industry by bringing relevant content to the right audience at the right time. The radio industry was considered old-school for a long time but thanks to technological advances, we can now drive relevant radio ads to the right audience, making your business more relevant for your targeted audience.

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Email marketing

Connect with your audience in the most efficient by delivering stunning emails.

With Email marketing your business can connect effectively with people who want to hear about your business. Wide Markets can manage your current subscribers or create a new list of subscribers who will not hesitate to ask for information about your products and services. It's possible to run targeted campaigns on existing subscriber lists who confirmed interest in certain categories.

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Display ads

The most popular advertising method working for your business' benefit.

Displaying ads over news sites, sports news or gaming blogs over desktop and mobile is the most popular method to advertise products and target your audience effectively. Wide Markets partnered with prestigious publishers and ad networks to make the most out of your advertising campaigns, delivering immediate results for your business.

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