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SharkNinja: Amazing impact.

"We proved that 360° video ads are a natural complement to TV campaigns. We experienced better brand results among people who saw ads on both versus just TV or the Wide-Markets network alone. We saw the ‘better together’ impact first-hand. Wide-Markets and TV are powerful individually, but deliver an even stronger message to our audience when used in tandem.”

Ajay Kapoor, VP, SharkNinja

Greater reach for your campaigns

360° Video ads are powered by apps and websites. With hundreds of apps and websites partnered with us already, its possible to run amazing Brand Awareness campaigns and drive action. With over 100 billion impressions per day, your campaigns can have a real impact.

We work with top quality publishers

Brand Awareness

Run brand awareness campaigns with the most advances technology that facilitates the engagement with your audience in a fun and entertainment way.
Wide Markets can helps from the scratch till you run the campaign and reach your audience.

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Boost Sales

Boost sales running your video ads along with a "call to action" to drive people take actions.
You can display a banner or text to help your audience learn more about your product or service.

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