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Location Branding

Get known by potential customers near your store. Your ad will be displayed according to your guidelines: you can set a radius, define an action to trigger the ads, or any other criteria you may request. Wide Markets will find you the best publisher who can supply your requirements , and once qualified, your campaign will start getting views.

Reach Your Audience at The Perfect Moment

Publishing on any website, app, or device will allow you to time when you want your ad to be displayed. When industries change at a tremendous speed, your business has to be flexible to those changes and find new ways to keep your competitors behind. Wide Markets will help you set the advantage your business needs.

Promote Special Offers

Boost your sales by promoting coupons or special discounts to your audience when they are near your location. This special feature can be very effective when you want to get new customers quickly and highly targeted. Shopping malls, flower stores, restaurants and many others are already enjoying the powerful simplicity of running local ads, and you can start doing that today too.

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