Your Campaign is On TV

Ad Formats

Simple Targeting

Choose between 22 different app categories. It is far simpler to target what your audience likes to watch than other parameters. The ads will run according to your guidelines and under certain viewable conditions. You can also run A/B testing on different categories and ad formats.

Enter The TV Apps Market

Wide Markets has the ability to publish your campaigns on TV apps thanks to the extensive collaboration and partnership we maintain with top publishers. If you choose the Master/ Expert or Professional advertising package, your campaign is eligible to run with TV publishers. Our advertising team will guide you through the process of launching your campaign on TV, as well as advise you on the most profitable deal for your business.

Your Video Ads Have Never Been So Popular

If your business has a video ad and you are looking to get views under the best conditions, our app partners can help. Leveraging the power of TV on demand, Wide Markets can bring your brand live to the right audience at the best time.
Thanks to a flexible system and the most innovative technology, you can access a new way of bringing high quality conversions for your business in a very short time. Now, thanks to Wide Markets, TV is no longer just for watching, it's for action.

Innovative Marketing Capabilities

Biggest Eco-System of Apps

Immerse yourself in the most innovative way to increase conversions for your business by leveraging the huge eco-system managed by Wide Markets, exposing your brand whenever apps are used. Exposure is the most important factor for conversion. Experience how our eco-system can give you the best brand-building campaign you have ever had.

Run complement advertising on TV through Wide Markets.

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