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Main Audience

Choose the people you want to

  • Demographics

    Choose people based on age, gender, living status, education,

    workplace, job titles and more.

  • Location

    Reach people in your radius, or where you want to do business.

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Categorized Audience

Get the people you need

  • Interests

    Choose people according to their interests and lifestyle. It can be

    specific entertainment, favorite movies and more.

  • Behaviours

    Find people according to their consuming behavior. Using our

    technology we can target in-store and online purchases.

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Retargeting Audience

Increase loyalty and customer

  • Based on Pixel Code

    We can deliver your advertising and retarget your audience by

    embedding a piece of code in your website or landing page.

  • Based on contact list

    By uploading your contact list of active customers, we can

    target them on the web and especially on social media.

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