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We Provide Your Audience. You Provide Your Magic

Truly Cross-Device
Leverage Influencers
People-based marketing algorithm
Build Awareness in Your Area
360° or Standard Video ads
Wide Markets Media™

Build Awareness for Your Products

Running campaigns to raise awareness is easy to do on

Wide Markets Media™. Select the most innovative ad

formats and display your ads to your selected audience.

Your ads will be displayed on our partnered publishers.

Wide Markets Media™ or Wide Markets Performance™

Cross-Device Advertising

Wide Markets can run your advertising campaigns

through the most innovative ad formats. Partnering with

more than 10,000 publishers from Virtual Reality till Mobile

apps and Web Owners- You can find a solution for every

type of campaigns you want to run.

Wide Markets Media™ or Wide Markets Performance™

Leverage Influencers and Create Buzz

Wide Markets can prepare special campaigns with the most

important influencers for Sports, Health & Beauty, Fashion

and Gaming industries. Measure your results with intuitive

reports to find the impact of each post over your brand

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