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Wide Markets Media™

Raise your brand awareness and drive more actions through big data and dynamic ads

Each covered industry is approached by
data & insights based on RTB

Take advantage of our proprietary self-serve platform to create meaningful connections with the audience that is
looking for your brand.

  • RTB Advertising

    RTB architecture saving up to 89% of your normal advertising spends.

  • User Identification

    Understand who are the most important users that worth higher bidding rates.

  • Innovative Targeting

    Target high-intent users thanks to our innovative analytics tags.

  • Truly Cross-Device

    Cross-device advertising campaigns over VR,AR TV apps and traditional devices.

  • Detailed Daily Reports

    Receive daily reports defining the best traffic sources, cr, ROAS and much more.

In Preview: A billboard banner displaying a campaign over one of our publishers.

People-based marketing

All Wide Markets products are unified under one data cluster. Monitoring the online behavior of our engaged users, helps us to define what are their needs, and enriching this with third-party data- You get a complete solution for your today`s marketing needs.

Premium Publishers

Wide Markets Innovators™ , is a rewarding program for innovative publishers that help our advertisers reach their goals efficiently. Wide Markets analyse each publisher audience thanks to a proprietary technology that tags users and understand their online behavior.

Truly Innovative Ad Formats

Advertise through TV apps, Radio Apps, VR and much more, through an easy to use platform, designed for marketers like you.

Raise Awareness at the Right Moment

Find the right placements to captivate the awareness of your audience in the most innovative advertising solutions available these days.

Widemarkets In Preview: 360° ad displaying a campaign for Poland Spring, October 2017.
In Preview: A billboard banner displaying a campaign over one of our publishers.

Finally Reach Your Business Goals

Run campaigns through the most popular websites, apps and devices. Discover how Wide Markets leverages its unique technology and big data, to help your brand grow faster and targeting the right audience.

Target Your Audience

Whether you're a flower shop that wants more local customers or an online fashion retailer looking for people interested in your products, our core audiences targeting options allows you to reach people based on their demographics, location, interests and behaviours.

Brand Safety Using Trusted Sites™ Program

Wide Markets Trusted Sites™ Program is the the most innovative brand safety program to assure your brand is dealing only with the best publishers.

Cross-Device Advertising

Whether you are looking to reach only viewers in VR apps to increase the engagement with your audience, or you want to interact with your audience on TV ads- Wide Markets can perform your campaigns on all devices without compromising tracking or quality abilities.

Widemarkets In Preview: A Coca Cola`s campaign running over Smart Tv Apps, June 2017

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