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Wide Markets Optimization TM

Turn your visitors into buyers and subscribers leveraging our data and innovative
CRO- Conversion Rate Optimization tools.

Get 90% of your abandoners back, and pay only for

Whether if you are a B2B or B2C business unit, Wide Markets Optimization™ tools can definitely increase
engagement between your visitors and your content.

In Preview: Wide Markets PowerEngage™.

Track Users Behavior with WM ID

Wide Markets Optimization™ tracks each visitors and attaches a WM ID to identify it over all our marketing channels. With this feature, your business is able to target specific audiences according to users behavior patterns. In example, you will be able to send an email to users that triggered the system by doing a specific action.

Wide Markets PowerEngage™

Use real-time intent indicators to automate experiences that get your high-intent users to buy; and if it looks like they wont, we’ll capture their email so you can nurture them.

Innovative Tagging Technology

Wide Markets Optimization™ tag, allows you to identify visitors even when they are not logged in to your system. And creating immersive solutions to improve your conversions.

In Preview: Wide Markets Survey™.

Wide Markets Survey™

Its not just a survey, It is the way to personalize your visitors experience. Enhance your web personality integrating personalized content that drive higher conversions.

Combine it with Other Tools

Wide Markets Survey™ can goes combined with other tools designed to increase engagement between your visitors and your content. Its great when its combined with Wide Markets EmailEngage™.

In Preview: Wide Markets EmailEngage™.

Wide Markets EmailEngage™

Wide Markets can help you running personalized email campaigns to engage users at the right time, when they are really discovering new products. Thanks to a sophisticated system you can set rules and personalize a whole funnel for each visitor.

From one Email to Thousands Per Day

Our email system controls the whole digital reputation of your domain, allowing us to scale your emailing needs with confidence.
All practices are fully compliant with the new rules including the latest GDPR EU data protection rule.

Stop losing traffic and activate your new revenue channel.

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