Virtual Reality

Boost revenue and engagement by enabling 360º video ads across your mobile or web owned and operated destinations, delivered in a simple tag. Tap into Wide Markets 360º video demand, or enable your sales team to sell 360º video ad units.

Monetize your creativity.

Wide Markets can monetize your existing VR apps, or helps you create and monetize your own VR destination across Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Cardboard, Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

High quality adverts.

We work with world-class brands and agencies looking to run brand campaigns with premium publishers.

Detailed measurement.

Enable a holistic VR strategy spanning across all platforms with detailed measurement and engagement data, helping you monitor and optimize.

Monetize your digital assets with a powerful ally.

Augmented reality

Wide Markets provides advertisers with an outstanding advertising experience. You can monetize your apps displaying our advertisers in your digital assets.

Inspire others to buy.

Encourage your audience to buy a product or acquire a service from our advertisers. Or just raise awareness about a specific product or service.

Get amazing support.

Wide Markets knows this is a new technology, so we are here to help. You will be attached to an expert publisher manager who understand your industry completely.

Access to innovative advertisers.

Choosing Wide Markets as your ally will open your business with amazing opportunities to discover potential new advertisers.

Raise your revenue constantly.

Smartwatch apps

Boost your earnings monetizing exciting apps for smartwatch devices.

Monetize what you developed.

Join Wide Markets to make money from your developments. You will get amazing connections with top advertisers who are looking to connect with their audience.

Long-term cooperation.

Wide Markets is looking for long-term partners who are looking to redefine the advertising industry, with the vision of making adverts more relevant and efficient.

Lead your sector.

You will lead your sector if you provide relevant services for your audience. Wide Markets can help with insightful information we gather on a daily basis.

Join the most strategic partner to reach your goals faster

TV apps

Gain access to a whole demand of professionalism and innovation from our advertisers. You can control which ad formats and adverts to run.

Top advertisers.

Feel what is the difference between normal ads to outstanding adverts managed by Wide Markets. You will get the best adverts for your audience.

Raise revenue.

Boost your earnings receiving high eCPM rates. Your inventory will get bids from top advertisers who compete to get the views you programmed to sell.

Strong cooperation.

Wide Markets has very clear views about the future of TV advertising. Your company can benefit from a successful cooperation and keeping a solid grow.

Find the magic of working with top brands.

Radio apps

People want to feel free and listen to relevant content they want. Now you can gather all the goods of personalizing the experience while maximizing monetizing your app.

Stream what raises your earnings.

Not anymore displaying banners, you can monetize now also with voice adverts. Wide Markets facilitate top advertisers to stream adverts to their relevant audiences.

Strong ally.

We know how important is to have a relevant music streaming and the needs to monetize the content provided. Wide Markets will empower your services so you can provide best quality to your audience.

Measure and optimize results.

Our dedicated publishing manager will assist you with a professional experience, to optimize adverts that generate more revenue for your business.

Maximize your revenue per listener.

Mobile apps

Turn your mobile apps into a big source of increment earnings with a powerful ally.

High quality adverts.

What your audience wants to get is a high quality experience, that way you will keep a long life-time user. Wide Markets sets new standards of quality and our adverts are lovely because they made from top brands worldwide.

Monetize savvy.

Your eCPM and revenue is what matter your, and so us. A successful cooperation is when all sides win. Wide Markets provides you with all the tools to monetize your audience savvy.

Full control of content.

Our dedicated publisher manager will work closely with you to give you all the control your business need to get highest yields for each impression you deliver.

Thousands mobile apps like you, already enjoy from a productive cooperation by increasing ad revenue consistently with Wide Markets.

Smart cars

Android-Auto and Apple-Car-Play are the newest technology for entertainment on the way. Wide Markets cooperates with app developers to satisfy the new advertising needs.

Connect people on-the-go.

Advertisers want to reach your people based on local place or content they consume. Explore new ways to give your audience an outstanding experience on their way.

Monetize emerging opportunities.

Wide Markets gives you access to global brands who want to get a connection with their audiences. More than 119 brands actually compete for each inventory sold. You should take advantage of that.

Empower your business.

Our team with the right experience will work closely with your company to reach a long-term successful partnership.

Join to the most loyal partner and monetize your audience efficiently.

Fast Payment methods

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