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Connect with your audience more easily than ever before

Connect with your audience with precision

Better targeted ads are better for your users. When your ads match the interests of people, they are more likely to see the ad as additive to their experience and are more likely to engage with the ad.


Choose the interests and hobbies of the people you want your advert to reach, from fitness to action films.

Knowing what your audience likes will help you to connect with them in a better and more efficient way. When both the advert and your audience are speaking the same language, it will provoke positive feelings for your business, making your products and services a welcome part of their lives.

Wide Markets has a proven database to help you get in contact with the audience your business needs.


Select people based on their prior purchase behaviors, device usage and other activities. For example, if you're a Wine seller you can target people who have recently purchased wine.

How your customers behave can be important information because then we can target them and offer your products on a specific stage of their journey. This powerful strategy can be used combined with other targeting tools Wide Markets provides, or can be run on its own.

Many businesses like yours are using Wide Markets' tools to target the right audience.

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