Retargeting Audience

Immerse in new ways to contact your audience in just a few clicks

Target your audience again

The more times your ad is seen, the better effect it has on your audience. Retargeting your audience to show them your advertising more than once, can be very effective when used wisely.

Pixel code

To get started you only have to implement a small piece of code on your website or landing page. We will track your visitor to show them your ads everywhere.

The user visited your website but didn`t take the expected action? Using the retargeting feature, we can track your visitor and display a new advertising of your business with a different approach to increase the success of the campaign.

This feature is managed by our in-house tracking system and can hit millions of websites through our Premium partners.

Based on contact lists

Another way to make a retargeting campaign is by uploading your contact list and letting our system find your visitors on social networks like Facebook, Twitter among others.

If you have not implemented the pixel code to track visitors, you can rely on uploading your contact list to help us find your visitors. The only necessarily information we need is their email in a csv format. With this information, our system will search for your visitors on social networks and we`ll retarget the people that matched the emails provided.

Need more information about the Retargeting Audience tool? Please ask your advertising manager to help get you started.

Many businesses like yours use Wide Markets tools to target the right audience.

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