Crafting A Blueprint From Scratch To Achieve Your Goals

July 06, 2018 | Editorial

What many people miss from affiliate marketing is that not anyone can work on it just by start blogging. Just driving traffic is not enough when your end goal is to boost sales. Wide Markets Ltd advertising network of premium publisher partners not only will they drive traffic and sales, but they are also constantly learning the right skills an affiliate should know to do the work correctly. Our team cares for the success of your campaign, so we thought of sharing some basic things that should stay on the top of the mind of every marketer involved on it and a way to replicate the success for your business. Remember that one of the advantages of the affiliate networks is the fact that any virtual arrangement is possible, is a little intimidating, but that is one of the reasons it can be very powerful.

Work With Experts

Do not settle just by working with some blogger or publisher, work with known publishers in your industry. Those that are considered a referent to find out about something and are very away from the noise in the industry, you want your brand and campaigns to be associated with top publishers that have the audience eager to test your products.

Loyal Buyers

Is not just about having a one-time sale, is about having customers that will return for more of you. Be authentic and make people want more. That makes it easier for your affiliates to recommend your products. Be trustworthy, recommend, not just your marketing team but everyone in the company, to work in standardizing your services and closing the gaps.

Help Instead Of Sell

Avoid producing the massive amount of content that will talk about discounts, and offers, and hard selling. Start in your profiles and take advantage of your affiliates, turn your product into a solution, and let people know the amazing things you can accomplish together. Yup, your affiliates are awesome to make this type of posts go viral. A tip here is to ask them for quality instead of quantity, you do not need one hundred posts, probably you will need a few good posts that are amazing and they will make their magic.

Keep Them Talking

Sometimes the leads your affiliates will give you may need some help. Chatbots or popup chats in your website can help you close a sale. You do not need a chat box in every page of your website, you just need to place them strategically. So if they have a concern, they may reach to you and you could walk them through the sale.

In Conclusion

You need to talk about this strategy with your team of advertisers and determine who should handle each task according to their expertise.  It is not a difficult task to set up an affiliate program, and advertising networks such as Wide Markets Ltd even provide you with the poll of publishers to work with and will impact positively your ROI.

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