Fashion Industry Is Going To Change Forever In One Year

April 26, 2022 | Editorial

The Fashion Industry Has Some Weaknesses, It’s Frustrating Every Day Millions Of People That Cannot Find Something Normal To Wear. The New Technology Apps Are Going To Change This Weakness Forever.


What do you think of the fashion runways throughout the world? Clothing every year gets even more interesting over the years. Have you seen the excitement on peoples face when they look from far away something that caught their attention but when they take a closer look shock and a disappointment fill their faces? Do not worry it has happened to all of us.

In 2008, with the financial crisis around 6,163 brick-and-mortar stores closed. Alarming number, right? Sit down and hold tight, because by December from last year around 6,985 stores shut down operations. More than 800 stores were closed, and there was not a financial crisis going on.

What Happened?

Well, people did not like their clothing. Though technology has allowed big, medium, and small brands to share their value, improve their proposition, and increase satisfaction. Algorithms now can efficiently target the right clothes to the exact costumer interested in it due to their previous shopping patterns.

Sadly, the industry has not taken the most out of this fantastic opportunity that technology can provide. Would it not be awesome to take virtual tours to the stores to find out what is new? Receiving killing offers and accurate deliveries.

Big online stores have enhanced their websites using Artificial Intelligence (AI), that is why when you search for a computer, it suggests to buy it with a case, or with a mouse, even video games. AI analyzes our patterns and understands those dark desires our consciousness denies.

Is There Hope?               

Sure! Fashion Industry will not need to transform you into Lady Gaga. There are some stores already using Augmented Reality (AR) in trial rooms. There clothing is chosen and tried on the person without effort.

L’Oréal launched a mobile app with over 20 million downloads. Just last year, 13% of the people using the app, bought lipsticks by only using the AR allowing customers to put a filter of the colors of the makeup from their phones.

Blockchains are also being tried with success and creating strong impacts on brand loyalty. Boots are a thing that has been going on for a while now, ride the wave.

The Suggestion And Best Solution

The internet era changed how people search and consume fashioned products. The boom started with Amazon receiving thousands of claims from retails stores that cannot effort to compete with such big online retailer. But the next step is not coming from a specific company, its coming from developed technologies, especially apps for mobile devices.

For advertisers it means a lot when it comes to the search of new clients for their online fashion store. Fashion advertisers must adapt their online marketing techniques to the upcoming changes in online user`s behavior.

Instagram is not Enough

Probably advertisers will understand that running advertising over fashioned apps is the right thing to do, bidding with astronomic CPM for each influencing post or ad. It’s a good move but it must be only one part of the whole marketing flow you expect from your users to pass through.

Wide Markets launched on last November a new technology to track user`s behavior over all the publishers in the network. Its tracking mobile apps, tv apps, websites, and much more. Each user is being tagged with a WM ID. This tool is called Wide Markets Optimization™, and its going to change your attribution and conversion, forever.

The idea is to understand who the right person is to target your ads, when, and using which message.

Adding this knowledge as an advertiser, to your marketing efforts, will save lots amount of money wasted on users that are not interested in your products.

Mixing technological advancement with daily life and physical stores is a most to strength the Fashion Industry. None of the industries should be scare to play with tech. They have many tools to create something extraordinary.

We, at Wide Markets, advise empowering the future without boundaries. Delivering positive and useful experience through our services is something we proudly achieve. Innovate, risk, try crazy things, use performance marketing and a mix of channels to promote not only products but also to share ideas that boost and increase the creativity in one of the best industries. Overlap, combine if you can wear weird clothes, why not combine passions to strength other situations. Make your own trends.

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