Generate more visits, downloads for your apps, foot traffic to your store
or any other action you may want from a specific audience.

Generate the required actions for your business

Whether you are looking for more mobile app installs, to generate more foot-traffic for your store in your area, to increase online visitors to your website or just to have users download your new research- it's all possible to achieve with expert publishers.


Targeted audience that fit perfectly to your business

The people you are looking for are here

Generate highly-targeted campaigns to the audience your business needs. You can specify which mobile carrier type will be able to download your app or see your ads, or from which location your ads will be shown to increase foot-traffic to your store, and much more thanks to a comprehensive list of parameters available on Wide Markets.

Advanced targeting solutions

Encourage your audience to take the actions you want.

Display ads: Connect with your audience in the most important and popular online platforms, and drive them to make the action you are looking for.

Learn more about Display ads

Augmented / Virtual reality: Get contacts by featuring your offer in one of the hottest technologies now-a-days. Our team and publishers will help you create a lead generation campaign on this type of format.

Learn more about Augmented / Virtual reality ads

TV ads: Wide Markets has extensive collaborations with high-performance TV apps that can help you generate actions for your business. Encourage users to download an app, learn more about your product or just browse your website from their mobile- all this is possible with a well-planned strategy.

Learn more about TV ads

Ad formats

Drive actions with innovative creatives and formats

Works well for any industry

Whether your business is in the Apps industry, Traveling or E-commerce, our partners have a solution for any type of vertical.

Through good cooperation, Wide Markets can help your business find growth driving the actions you wish to encourage.

Learn more about Wide Markets` ad formats and partners

Our business grows your business.
Immerse in new ways to drive actions for your business

The power is in your hands. With flexible deals, you will always
find a solution.

Cost per 1000 views: Paying on CPM will make the campaign have a wide reach to your ads, targeting the audience you defined.

Pros: The price is the lowest compared to other methods, and you have more flexibility on where and how your ads will show.

Cons: For some users, this method can be too heavy and complicated. You will have to make a strategy to acquire leads and optimize the sources accordingly.

Cost per click: Pay for each user who visits your landing page or website.

Pros: Flexible solution for those looking to pay for visits. This method is the most balanced, as you and the publisher will make the same efforts creating a perfect balanced cooperation.

Cons: Your business will still have to optimize the sources and creatives in order to maximize the money spent on each visitor.

Cost per action: Pay only for actions your visitors done for seeing your advertising. Ex. if the action is install a mobile app, you will be charged when the user installed the app in his mobile.

Pros: Less risk in the acquisition process, while you pay only for users that made the action you expected.

Cons: The price of each action done will be higher naturally because the publisher has to make extra efforts to accomplish your goal.

Types of deals

A variety of ways to generate leads.

Success stories

"With our app we were able to connect with people through an innovative platform that rewarded our consumers for their loyalty. The consumer saves money without sacrificing looking beautiful and healthy. Working as a team on this project was a critical factor to achieve the expected success, and we are pleased to have Wide Markets as a strategic ally who helped accomplish our goals."

Angel Cruz,
Digital Stars, Unilever Peru
51% decrease in cost per action*
13,679 app downloads in
5 months
13% increase in app
*compared to other media campaigns

How to start

Follow these simple steps to get on board and setup your first campaign.

The last step is to register and create your advert.
In 24 hours max, a dedicated advertising manager will get in touch with you
to start the process.

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