Data centers

Green Centers

Wide Markets has dozens of Data Centers around the world. Each one is controlled by the most efficient water and energy systems to assure we keep our world green while we drive extremely high performance to our partners.

Adding clean and renewable energy

Renewable Energy

Wide Markets operates its offices with 100% solar energy. Our DNA is to empower our planet focusing on giving to it advanced tools by innovating new solutions for complex problems. We are proud to feel such responsibility and being a model of behave for other companies as well.

We are all in the same boat

Sharing Information

In order to keep our world safe from harness we must collaborate and work together. Wide Markets` policy is to share 100% with other companies all secrets and innovations related to this matter. We`re all responsible of our actions and its important to know that other generations in the future still have to live here. Lets respect that and be green.

Sustainability inquiries:
*All inquiries are replied within 24 hours

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