How Performance Marketing Influence In The Fashion Industry

June 24, 2018 | Editorial

An incredible study made a few years ago, revealed that three-quarters of the global consumer population had at least one experienced in buying fashion items online. Out of all online global fashion sales, research made in 2015 assured 33% were made from a mobile device. The report also brought awareness to the fashion industry of how crucial it is to invest in making their e-commerce and apps highly responsive and mobile friendly. Interesting fact, almost half of the total purchases made through a mobile device are made in the United Kingdom. Recent data shows that more than the 80% of whole online fashion stores have exclusive mobile websites.


Besides caring if the object in question is up to trend, the shopper makes sure that there are a free return and free shipping. Today’s fashion shoppers visit an average of three websites before closing the sales cycle. Thus, the efforts we made in our marketing department cannot only rely on the AdWords Campaigns we launch. Here is when complements like an affiliate network play an important role, its quality is 70% of the time what gives brands’ success, awareness, and loyalty. Since this rate is high, as the acquisition is significant, they must deliver visual content that has high creativity and work closely with the trends. We at Wide Markets like to incentive our clients to connect with valuable people and publishers since both boost and nurture brands tremendously.


Back To Basics

Performance marketing drives a large size of the audience in the fashion industry. The advertisers’ role is important when attracting affiliates that will increase the traffic for the brand we are working. Loyal buyers are usually a consequence of influencers that are easy to relate and provide content with useful information. Fitting our brand to an affiliate lifestyle is the relationship goal you want to achieve. As a marketer, you are expected to create this relationship. The task becomes easier when you screen the affiliate network and create a checklist specifying your ideal buyers, use the data you have collected from the brand a share the demographics, analyze the networks’ current brand relationship and whether if there could be a conflict of interest. Take into consideration the size and the level of engagement in the audience. Is there audience to help you achieve your internal marketing objectives? Do not forget to evaluate the content quality and basic things like the design of the website, so you understand if your brand really matches the lifestyle of the affiliate or if you will be a unicorn in a website of skulls.

Incentives Are Not Expenses; Incentives Are Your Friends

When you find the right affiliates give them the proper incentives. Yes, your affiliate network will probably receive some nice commissions from your CPA strategy. Them and your awesome marketing team will make everyone fall in love with you. Do not limit your minds to the commission that performance marketing gives them. Triple winning is cool, but if your affiliates and you really bound, they will find it more easy to talk about you. This works like when you are in love with someone; it does not matter if it relates to the conversation, you always find a way to talk about that person. If your affiliate loves you, performance marketing will make your sales blow up. Remember that fashion is a fast peace changing industry, your train to stay on track and updated are your affiliates. Those allies will always have a social savvy, and their presence is like water in the ocean, constant.

Remember creativity is the spark you need to light up a brand and affiliate marketing allows you to control that creativity out there. Let your team of creatives get wild, shoot crazy pictures and share them on Instagram. Let your marketing team enjoy this digital journey while producing the best content and partnering with the best affiliates.

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