How Social Media Marketing Helps You Get The Followers That Want To Know About Your Affiliate Partners

July 23, 2018 | Editorial

Social Media has a lot of traffic every day, every hour, and every second of a day. Your presence on them can have terrible consequences, or some very good, as making a lot of money. 

We have given you tips in the past, on how affiliate marketing and influencer marketing can be a mortal combo in boosting sales in a brand, and thus, boosting your income. If you already have a status of influencer among your followers, you know social media marketing is the basics everyone should be trying. When you are connected as an affiliate partner to a company, there are many ways you can promote them. Yes, your website is something that will definitely help you get as much revenue as possible. But the thing is that you can be doing much more money and connecting your social media marketing to affiliate marketing is the key.

Be where needed

Do not try to be in every social media there is. Is not about being present as it is having presence. If you will create a profile in a social media page that you will not visit or feed content, avoid it. Doing that usually makes more harm than good. The only ones that can pull of those strategies are very famous people and brands. Another reason you may want to have in mind is that you should be and posting content in the social media the audience you want to reach is present and have presence.

Handle it like you have made it

The success to increase easily your amount of followers is moving around the right people and getting them to talk about you. Is not like you are going to ask them to post directly about your blogs, and your affiliate links, or something similar. Ask them for a photo, and that simple gesture will pay off. If this persona that is influential and moving among the people you want to be moving, and you get them to publish a picture with you and tag you. Let us congratulate you because you will see how the numbers start raising. People will start visiting your profile, just to know who are you, and crossing their fingers you will tell them more of the story about that picture. They will be looking at your other Instagram photos, Facebook post, or tweets. So be sure you are good to receive visitors (although this should be a given), and if you capture your attention they may even land in your webpage. The best thing is that this works both ways, the other person will also receive more followers.

The Take Away And Things You Want To Consider

Now your followers have been boosted, you may just want to post things related to the blogs that have your affiliate links, place non-intrusive advertisement in your posts. Place pixels that will allow you to retarget that people and remember them how awesome is your content and how easily is for them to find a solution by only consuming your content. Wide Markets creates a better advertising industry for its collaborators and the world in general. Being part of a poll of premium publishers that are setting new standards in a big deal.

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