Use the videos and images to describe powerful values of our brand products.

Monetize likes and comments.

Monetize the audience that follows you and make money with their likes and comments. Special campaigns may offer bonuses and rewards for reaching goals.

Make brands go viral.

Brands know the power of the social media and Wide Markets gives you the opportunity to help them going viral with generously payouts.

Track it all.

Our platform is designed to track every single view or click on the product that is sponsored. You will always see a transparency work from our side.

Make money showing the world what are the values of the brands.

Connect brands with their audience in the most exciting way- video 360° or standard.

Subscribers gives you rewards.

Whether you are in the gaming, fitness or fashion industry- your subscribers worth and are valuable to our brands. As more high-quality your subscribers are, more rewards you will get.

Get extra bonuses for views and comments.

Our advertisers wants to see performance and the most effective way to measure it are the views and comments your post will gather. Crossing the goals of views and comments will generate special bonuses for you.

Access global brands.

Wide Markets has connections with the most powerful global brands from a wide range of industries- fitness, fashion, gaming, traveling and much more. High quality influencers get access to all of them.

Grow revenue introducing brands to their audience.


Leverage the biggest social platform to make it a powerful money making machine by advertising high quality products.

Likes & shares means more money.

Show advertisers your audience is good for them and they will give you the world. Wide Markets connects high quality influencers with top global brands.

Monetize views of a product.

Make money introducing our brand`s products to the audience they need, and get amazing rewards for crossing predefined goals.

Get rewards for your innovation.

Advertisers and Wide Markets loves innovations, and we pay good for innovative campaigns. Get the bonuses you deserve for your ideas and skills.

Find stable revenue helping advertisers connecting with their audience.

Fast Payment methods

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