Jumping Into Influencer Marketing

July 13, 2018 | Editorial

Lately, influencer marketing has been growing to new and exciting levels for every industry. However, brands keep on lashing questions and asking for proof on getting a worthy ROI since this strategy can involve high costs.

Reports affirm a Facebook post from a celebrity influencer can cost an average of £75k per post. These high costs are associated with the reach influencers have, most have over one million followers. Even micro-influencers can be costly, for a post recommending or introducing a brand to an audience of 10,000 followers they can charge £1,500. However, many advertisers do not hesitate to include influencer marketing into their marketing strategy. Thus, you can either love Influencer marketing or hate it.

Keep An Eye, Or Two, On Your Metrics.

Multinational companies have in their budgets influencer marketing as a necessity rather than a “if we have extra money we can do it”. These brands are the first raising some standardized key performance indicators to measure their return on investments.

Constantly, influencers share the demographic data on their users. As one of the experts to provide guidance on the things you should be measuring and how you should be doing it, we track and give you access to impressions, sales, clicks, traffic sources, and many layers of data that will allow you and your partners compelling, innovative, and powerful campaigns that will produce the quantifiable sales. Moreover, for e-commerce brands, sharing your data on customers’ IDs, best-selling products, costumers’ lifetime cycle and behavior, product lifetime value, and more can be highly beneficial when measuring the ROI.

A Brand A Story.

One of the best things about influencer marketing is that the value of your brand gets to be told and share by the best army of ambassadors in their social media accounts, with fully personalized content, message, and value. Among the 40% of the brands all over the world have embraced the use of influencer marketing. This strategy is a solution with direct monetizing effects since all promotion of the brand is very social.  The raising of many programs has shown the longevity of the strategy will be around for many years, getting stronger and more frequently used. Every day more campaigns are being fruitful, persuading networks and telling stories that influence marketing is delivering measured results.

What We Believe.

Advertisers and Wide Markets love innovations, and we pay well for innovative campaigns. We love to incentive with bonuses to our influencers because they deserve credit for their ideas and skills. Influencer Marketing is one of the services we at Wide Market are proud to provide. We and our advertising network believe in the power of communication. Hence, your brand deserves the best publishers, influencers, and affiliates talking about it.

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