Marketing Attribution Selling Your Fashion & Apparel Products

June 24, 2018 | Editorial

There Are Many Conflicts Coming Up When Our Marketing Experts Analyzed The Online Fashion Industry. The Main Weakness Is How To Attribute The Right Touchpoint Of Your Marketing Flow. When A Girl Is Searching For A Dress, She May Start Her Journey By Watching A Nice Dress From A Top Influencer She Follows On Instagram, Then She May Check What Is The Company Behind The Dress The Influencer Is Wearing, And Will Check For That Brand On Google, There She May Click On An Advertising AdWords Promoted By Another Affiliate Of That Brand And Probably There She Will Make The Purchase. Question Is How To Attribute The Top Model Influencer?


Do not let your marketing team be a victim in the online fashion industry. Take your team and lead the industry out of their conflicts. Assigning the correct value to the touchpoints that the customer interacted in the buyer’s journey is an easy thing to do. It is not simply about identifying and analyzing successful factors in a marketing campaign. It is also gathering data to closing the gaps in the service quality model and improve future marketing efforts.

If Data Say Right, Do Not Go Left

With the data, you have to gather, be smart and readjust your marketing budget forecast and action plan. If most conversions come from your affiliate network, do not over-invest in another type of ads, complement a strategy with another but do not push a secondary strategy to compete with your core strategy. Technology is constantly changing and has allowed digital environments to track in live time. Online Fashion reach allows the brand to create a strong digital presence. Understanding correctly the data allows brands to make the most of that presence and deliver ads accordingly to what KPIs are showing. If advertising is directed to the channels with the most traffic, chances of a higher ROI are more easily achieved.

Attribute And Test

An easy method that is highly effective and continuously overlooked is giving your affiliates a discount coupon code. With this coupon, the next time the top model influencer from the beginning, post a picture wearing something from your brand, she can tag you thanking you for the coupon and sharing it with her followers. Let your creatives, write a killer coupon that combines her name and your brand’s name so her followers will relate and keep your business name in their heads for a while until you make the brand part of their evoked set. The usage of the particular code will allow your marketing team, to know more accurately an average of users buying after watching the top model wear the dress. Also, a great idea is to create retargeting campaigns to convert the clients that did not complete the purchase transaction.

The Conclusion

We at Wide Markets, as a one of the best strategist of the industry, understand that the people involved in our marketing campaigns make them successful and that makes us passionate about providing measurable results and action plans that allow growth. That is a best practice that every business should try, because there is always more than one path to do something, and you need to be sure that you are down the best path you can be. Affiliate networks audiences are can help you reach many different audiences, choose the one that can easily help you meet your overall goal.

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