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Advertising on Wide Markets makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results. Learn about the features of the Basic package

Network Access

Full access to the most innovative inventory with the highest performance.

Wide Markets will extend all its resources for the benefit of your business and campaigns:

  • Full access to all premium publishers: Your offers will be accessible to all premium publishers. Naturally this will increase the performance of your campaign giving you the expected results in the shortest time.
  • Advanced audience targeting solutions: Wide Markets has the ability to target the exact audience your business needs. They are explained below.
    • Main audience:‚Äč This audience is targeted based on demographics and location parameters. You can learn more about this audience in our get started menu.
    • Categorized audience: You can use this group to target your audience based on interests and behaviours.
    • Retargeting audience: With the help of a piece of code in your landing page or website, you can re-target your audience anywhere and anytime.
  • Flexible offers page: This feature allows you to customize the offers page that all publishers will see. Our team will prepare all the necessary creatives.
  • Full reporting and API system: Access to measure all the results and data your campaign is generating. Our dedicated advertising manager can help you better understand the metrics and advise you on future steps. For advanced users, they can integrate the system to push the reports using our friendly API.

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Getting Started

Follow these simple steps to get on board and setup your first campaign.

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Wide Markets Basic
The price of the Basic package consist of three factors:
  • Maintenance service*: Starting at $49.99 / Month.
  • Campaign fees: The fees vary between verticals. It can be between 10% and 45%.
  • Optional services: Your campaign might require a special service such as a video, a special media buying campaign that requires a budget or several others. To make your experience tailored, we would discuss these parameters with you personally.

*By choosing monthly payment, you will be charged until you cancel your subscription.