Mortal Combo: Affiliate And Influencer Marketing

July 14, 2018 | Editorial

Have people told you to use every tool possible? No? Well… CONSIDER YOURSELF ADVICED. An alarming study showed that more than half of influencers are NOT using affiliate links. HOW COME?! Do you guys not know that the mortal combo in marketing is having your influencer marketing tied and backed up by an affiliate marketing strategy? Influencers, this is your consciousness begging you to finish the post. Advertiser, you are welcome to stay and find out how you can get this combo to work for your brand.

Here is the thing, influencer marketing guarantee money because they are highly pleasing. Affiliate marketing is no secret to be based on performance marketing, it is not really a shortcut since it takes your affiliates to initiate the whole process in a consumer’s buying journey.

The Unique Selling Proposition You Are Missing To Advertise

Every business, no matter how committed they are with other things in life, worries to have a sweet, green ROI. That alone is one of the strongest reason you should be on top of affiliate marketing. According to recent research, in this exciting industry, for every dollar, you spent you will receive an average of $21. Yup, you can google it, this is W O N D E R F U L, right?

Yes, sometimes influencer marketing can also be measured on performance, but this relates to it on other, more important, stages. Affiliate marketing is closely connected to the amazing revenues it can cause.

But picture this, your brand is already using influencer marketing and is getting marvelous results, people are talking about you, awareness is getting stronger by the day… but what about sales? What their ability to drive traffic will start driving sales? We told you that keep reading this post was a great idea.

Affiliate marketing represents an opportunity to integrate into your current strategies a super boost. This small action will maximize your reach and tech will strengthen this relationship so you take it to the next level. Get wild and creative, those seasonal promotional campaigns will be exquisite if they mix influencer and affiliate marketing. General life rule, if an influencer has it, people will want it, so give them an affiliate link ASAP.

So, What Is Next?

Get technological, that is one of the easiest ways to offer diverse options to your publishers and influencers when it comes to affiliate marketing. This advertising network is growing quickly in numbers and in space throughout the world. Wide Markets as an advertising network easily create connections among top publishers and influencers with the best advertisers. We are the solution for advertisers looking for the right people and the publishers looking for the right brands. Focused on each industry, and providing benefit from a real and efficient long-term cooperation.

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