New To Affiliate Marketing: Surviving Your First Trial

July 15, 2018 | Editorial

If your colleagues have been talking about affiliate marketing, affiliate networks, advertising networks, affiliates, publishers and so many things that at times feel like they are talking about the same thing, do not despair. Probably we will solve your doubts by the end of this blog.

Affiliate Marketing 101, A Pass Class

Do not worry, we promise this will not become a history class and talk about when it started, or things that happened forty years ago. However, all you need to know is that affiliate marketing was a many years ago solution that has been constantly evolving and growing with technology. Yes, many years ago e-commerce owners wanted to share their products with more buyers, and nowadays, affiliate marketing continues to be the source of that expansion. A profitable relationship of three, or as we at Wide Markets like to call it, a Triple-win situation. Yup, you are reading it right, advertisers, publishers, and consumers are involved in this strategy, and everyone has something to win.

In the affiliate marketing world, an advertiser is the company behind the awesome product or service the world is thankful for and totally needing it (PS. YOU ROCK). The advertiser is that brand with money, looking to make some more money to keep on doing awesome things.

So… what is the role of the publishers? They are like Golden Bridge or the London Bridge or any bridge connecting something in the world. Yes, they are awesome highly influential individuals or companies that promote your brand to bigger and wider audiences. They will post in their website whatever creative content you provide, and even make kick*ss things to share with their readers. What is in it for the? Well, if they get you a sell, they earn a commission.

No need to get all Sherlock here, but yes, in case you were wondering, consumers are those incredible people that sees ads about a company’s product or service in a publishers’ website, and probably (or no) will take an action that will most likely end up been a purchase, or an app install.

Ok Sherlock, Talk

First, just remember that tech is awesome. SOOO… basically, that is how it works.  With help of cookies that save your web preferences, interest, likes and dislikes, affiliate marketing use them to remember the links and ads your customer clicked in, their internet search, time, date and many more data.

Nowadays, affiliate marketing works with a commission method called CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), meaning that advertisers will only give publishers a commission when they close the sale. How do you know what affiliate did what sale, or any sale at all? Well, Wide Markets counts with advanced technology to provide both advertisers and publishers with only the best. Moreover, each publisher is giving a specific code and link, so they can cash you the conversions driven from their websites.

Partner With Wide Markets

With Many years of experience, Wide Markets have become the expert in affiliate marketing and is behind many successful campaigns. Our tools are designed to achieve your business goals. Our team will connect your brand with the audience you need, and reach your business goals leveraging our cutting-edge technology. Whether you need more leads, more foot-traffic to your store or just to increase your presence – there is a tool ready to help you to reach your goals at Wide Markets.

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