Cost per action

Your company will be rewarded when a specific action is done. For example, if the campaign was to get sales for a new shopping site- you will be paid when your audience bought an item from the store and the goal was accomplished.

Revenue Share

You will receive a fix percentage of the earnings generated by promoting our products to your audience. You may want to use this type of partnership on certain industries when its common to work on that.

Cost per Click

Our advertisers may ask to buy traffic per click, which means you get paid for each visitor you sent to the target page. For example, if the target page is a loans landing page, your company will get paid when your visitors are redirected to the target page.

CPM (cost per 1000 impression)

When the campaign is set on CPM, it means we pay a fix price for every 1000 views of the landing page or banner. An advertiser may want to get reach to achieve a brand awareness campaign with us, in that case if your company is a premium publisher you may be qualified to promote that campaign and get paid for every 1000 views.

Cost per lead

Advertisers may ask to pay for qualified leads, meaning people who are interested in their services or products. For example in case your company will promote a test-drive campaign for a car-maker, you will be rewarded every time the user you redirected registered and confirmed he is interested on the service.

Pay per call

Get paid when your visitor clicked on the "call" button. This type of campaign is very specific and the reward is triggered only when the user clicked on "call now" and is requesting live the service of our advertiser.

Cost per install

Distribute the apps of our advertisers and get paid when the apps are installed by your visitor. As apps development is getting more popular day by day, Wide Markets receives applications from developers to distribute their apps from a wide range of verticals, including lifestyle, fitness and much more.

Fast Payment methods

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