Web owners

Integrate highly-targeted ads that match the interests of your audience.

If your company operates a news site, blog, reviewer or any other type of website that attracts visitors- you can monetize them with exclusive partnerships operated by Wide Markets.

TV apps

Match the right advertising to your audience with our completed solution.

Making people`s life easier is a great thing, and we are here to help monetize your innovation. Wide Markets loves companies that innovate because they make our advertising industry better than before. Your app can monetize now the audience you reach with beautiful adverts from top brands.

Mobile apps

Raise revenue from each user with adverts that matter to them.

Its important to keep a strong relation between your audience and what they will see as advertisements. That`s why on Wide Markets you will find a dedicated publisher manager who will lead and suggest the best monetizing tools to increase your ads revenue more than before.

Smartwatch apps

Introduce your audience to the best advertisers.

Its the dream of every advertiser to know what their audience do every day. You can monetize your users integrating with Wide Markets to run outstanding advertisements that matches the users of your app and find the advert more relevant.

Virtual reality apps

Run amazing adverts customized to your app.

Your audience can now see relevant ads from the most exclusive advertisers. Wide Markets allows publishers to find the right virtual reality advertiser and run amazing cooperation on the most promising platform.

Augmented reality apps

Connect the real world with top and relevant brands

Your augmented reality app can maximize and enrich the user experience displaying relevant ads that are related to the content viewed. All the campaigns are made tailored-made and are focused to empower the content displayed while providing real results to our advertisers.

Radio apps

The radio audience is thirsty to listen relevant ads.

You can now monetize your everyday listeners with relevant ads improving the quality of your content and maximizing your revenue.

Offline spots

Monetize the foot traffic with outstanding advertisers and relevant ads

Thanks to our technology you can now run relevant advertisements in your offline spot. Integrating our 1st data and 3rd data providers, we are able to get the information of who and when specific advertisements should be displayed.

Advertising companies

Boost your sales with efficient advertising campaigns.

Whether if your company specializes on media buying or email marketing, partnering with Wide Markets can help your business boost its sales, finding relevant and exclusive advertising campaigns.


We make your life easier connecting you with powerful advertisers.

Wide Markets is focusing on every advertising method that makes advertiser`s life better. That`s why we work with powerful influencers connecting them with relevant advertisers. The results? You maximize each follower and raise revenue

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