Overcoming Affiliate Marketing Problems Like A Ninja

July 11, 2018 | Editorial

Partnering with an affiliate network and including in your marketing strategy the right combo of affiliate marketing is consider to be a success among top CMOs of all industries.


The growth of this strategy has allowed the market to understand the needs of the consumers and advertise their product as a feasible solution for the target. However, some have encounter some things that have become common challenges and here are a few possible solutions that will make your brand look like awesome:

A People Business

It is crucial that as a marketing department, we choose the right target. But in affiliate marketing, is not only about our brand talking to the right people, but also that our partners are talking to the right target- Not nailing this tasks equals to potentially losing profits. The success story of the brand depends on getting the ideal partners to talk to our segment. Tackle this issue, ask your partners for data on their target of reach and match it to yours. After comparing the information, answer to yourself, are they a perfect match to what you are looking?

Engage, Capture, Repeat.

Welcome to the cycle you should be in and left aside. We as a marketers have a challenging mission for every strategy we work. Is not just about affiliate marketing, it is about marketing in the day to day. Catching our customers with a traditional sales copy is close to ineffective. However, if we write interesting and highly captive copies that fight the customers’ ever-changing attention spans, generating sales become easier. The content your affiliate publisher and your website and social media have will become the answer to the questions your buyers are asking, be sure it is of good quality. Work with premium publishers that generate content that will drive you the traffic and the sales you are looking for.

Mastering Basic Skills

By now you should understand it is not about quantity. Many can visit your web, but just a few can buy your products and it will make no difference. Take your time and review the affiliate links of your advertising network. Sometimes copy and paste can lead you to making mistakes. If your affiliates are driving people, but not converting, start retargeting campaigns. If you are having many one-time buyers, try using some campaigns that will give you loyal customers.

Identify, analyze, repurpose, and redo your strategy.

When necessary consider reviewing your strategies and plan base on the outcomes of the changes you did. Give them a few months of trial, before making drastic changes to your strategies. Sometimes, all it takes is patience Wide Markets’ mission is to give brands (SMB’s and large sized companies) with the most comprehensive advertising solutions, and the power to build stable advertising campaigns while helping publishers monetizing their assets. Repurpose your strategies, improve your opportunities to grow and become a leading brand in your industry. Partner with the people that have the ideal solution for your team.

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