Mall solutions

Connect your ad spaces to powerful advertisers and raise your ad revenue.

Access top brands.

Wide Markets cooperates with Malls and commercial landowners to transform their physical ad space into an easy flow income by connecting them with top brands.

Your physical ad space connected.

Wide Markets can assist you to connect your ad spaces to our ad-server, so you can run campaigns in your spots in a digital method.

Innovate to stay ahead.

In an era where everything is getting digital, connecting your ad space will help you make more relevant advertising for your audience.

Raise your ad revenue collaborating with Wide Markets.

Real Estate solutions

Advertisers know the importance of a Cross-Channel campaign, and Wide Markets helps them managing online and Out-Of-Home campaigns for a completed advertising coverage.

Save time.

Selling physical spaces is a time consuming labor, you can save time working with Wide Markets. We help you find the local advertisers you need.

Innovate with us.

Wide Markets changes how advertising is being used. We aim to make advertising more relevant- you can benefit displaying relevant ads to your audience.

Large-scale campaigns.

Advertisers run on Wide Markets all types of advertising campaigns, and our solutions offer a complemented cross-channel-advert, so your ad spaces are more relevant for top brands who are looking to advertise online and OOH in one single campaign.

​Find how easy is to sell your inventory now on Wide Markets.

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