Dispute resolution.

Buyers that claim their purchase was not delivered or the item received its not as it was described, they are eligible to contact our customer service and we will investigate and solve the case to the maximum satisfaction.

Increase transparency.

Your audience deserve full transparency about what type of ads they see and they must feel safe. We protect them and provide personal service if there is a need to assist for any inquiry.

Our badge proves the site is safe.

Offer your audience the best experience with peace of mind. Only advertisers that follow our merchant policy are eligible to display our badge in their store.

Protection you can count on

Advertisers who apply to get into our Trusted Sites program have to pass through a long process of checks and tests to assure the quality is real and the advertisement is not misleading. Wide Markets may check the advertiser up to one year before the certificate is provided. Everything, to keep your audience and the whole internet safe and raise transparency among all entities.

Raise your revenue safety while we care about your audience

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