Recognize Your Affiliates

July 16, 2018 | Editorial

When you start working with affiliate partners you now that one of the KPIs you will be on top of are the CPAs. Every last click is a profit for someone of your affiliates, after all that is how they get paid for the work they did.


However, there is a catch here. What happens if a buyer using its phone finds out of your product thanks to an affiliate, but to make the purchase it decides to use its tables or laptop and goes directly to your site without using your affiliate partners’ link? OOOOR, what if you paid your Google Ads PPC campaign buyer visits the web, leaves to purchase from the computer and comes back to purchase using an affiliate link? The last click can be catchy. If you want to have a successful working life with your affiliate partners KEEP ON READING.

Overcome, Evolve, Reconsider.

There are two scenarios to this recommendation, the people that agree with the last click, and the people who do not. Truth is that is hard to find an accurate method to define what really means the contribution of the affiliate partners and a way of measuring one hundred percent of all their abilities.

It is important for every marketer and advertiser to understand and be clear since the beginning what you wanted to measure. A default may be sales, but what else? Maybe assessing your spending, that will result in a much wiser investment.

A mature business will also look to collect customer data that will help them determine demographics, the frequency of purchase, visit length, among others. These data will not only help internal campaigns but will help the affiliate partners to provide better results. This will become one of the reasons why your business will be interested to measure some other information than just the sales.

Along with sales, impressions and clicks can also measure the performance of the affiliate partners. Just because Affiliates do not complain with not getting rewards on something else that receiving their money for their sales, it does not mean they sometimes do not get frustrated. Advertisers have tried many methods to acknowledge their affiliate partners more than the last click in the sales.

Such as measuring the qualitative data on new v. existing customers each affiliate partner takes. Another method they use is to know how close were the affiliates to the sale and giving them a reduced percentage from the overall commissions they would have received. Others are paying commissions in an effort to recognize the influence that introduced customers to the sales funnel.

Event thought cross-device is a problem for many affiliates, technological patterns in the data can help your brand to understand better the actions consumers take. The more actions and data you collect, the easier your affiliate partners can connect you with the people you want. Moreover, you need to understand the impact of the affiliate in other activities in your marketing strategy.

Some solutions are better than others depending on your industry, time, customers, and the content your affiliates are sharing. As an industry expert, Wide Markets publishers unlock to advertisers all the available campaigns, getting access to the most exclusive advertising formats that are changing our advertising industry.

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