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Dentists have lots of competition in an industry that is very difficult to promote, on top of regulations from governmental associations. This makes your services much more difficult to market.
Wide Markets has the necessarily experience promoting successful dental clinics over the world.
Immerse in new ways to acquire loyal customers who will love your service and will recommend it to others.


Find the right objective for your business.

Every successful campaign starts with a clear objective. Dental clinics needs to be treated as a brand, just like any other consumer service.
First, you will have to set an objective for your marketing campaign. Normally dental clinics will use the Drive Actions or Lead Generation objectives, to boost the list of patients who want and need your services.
Your dedicated advertising manager will be happy to assist in planning a winning online marketing strategy to help your business reach your objectives.

Find the right objective for your business

Primary Dental clinic: Great strategic partners

"The goal when I created my dental clinic was to serve with loyalty the population in Santiago, Chile, bringing them high quality service at a reasonable price. Like my colleagues, we also had to confront marketing challenges to let the crowd know about our services. Wide Markets partnered with us, and provided an exclusive solution tailored-made for us. We have since seen the rapid growth we were looking for. We`re very happy to have this cooperation and look forward to expand it in the future.”

Dr. Carlos Salome, Owner, Primary Dental


Do more to help your audience discover your business.

The second-step after you decide your advertising objective, is to clearly define who is the primary-audience that needs your services. Wide Markets offers you the most comprehensive tools available, allowing you to target by demographics, interests and much more.

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Ad formats

Be one step ahead of your competition

Ex. Advertising on Smart TV`s can target specific audiences thanks to a wide
cooperation with hundreds of TV apps. The ads can be delivered in local areas and at
specific times.

Wide Markets offers you the most innovative ways to make connections with the audience that needs you.
One of the methods to gain an advantage over your competition, is by contacting your audience in ways other than traditional channels. With the help of your advertising manager, you will get an exclusive mix of all the ad formats that will perform best for your business.

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