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Whether you are a painter, plumber or electrician, you are aware of the high level of competition to get the attention of your audience in the traditional marketing channels.
The way to solve it is by innovating. Wide Markets innovates and can help your business get discovered by those who need your services.


The journey starts with an objective

Translate your business goal in one of the four simple objectives Wide Markets offers. The objective will help to maintain the focus and manage the resources needed to run your campaign successfully.

Normally "home service" providers will choose the Brand Awareness or Lead Generation objectives. However, you can also combine them to empower your online campaign.
If you need assistance choosing your objective, your account manager will be glad to help.

Find the right objective for your business

MTS Plumbers: Great strategic partners

“Since taking the Expert advertising package several months ago, I have seen a good increase in the level of customer enquiries through my website, and Wide Markets have made life easier for me by fully managing the campaigns. I have been getting lots of people telling me that they found me at the top of Google! I get regular reports which are easy to understand, and I am confident that the Wide Markets team are doing a great job in using my monthly budget as effectively as possible.”

James Grieve, Owner, MTS Plumbers


Do more to help your audience discover your business.

The second-step after you decide your advertising objective, is to clearly define who is the primary-audience that needs your services. Wide Markets offers you the most comprehensive tools available, allowing you to target by demographics, interests and much more.

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Ad formats

Be one step ahead of your competition

Wide Markets offers you the most innovative ways to make connections with the audience that needs you.
One of the methods to gain an advantage over your competition, is by contacting your audience in ways other than traditional channels. With the help of your advertising manager, you will get an exclusive mix of all the ad formats that will perform best for your business.

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