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When you use the most innovative advertising solutions, it's easy to find the right people, capture their attention and generate results.

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Our audience is based on pre-matched in-house database and third-party data connections. Our partners manage large scale websites and applications on mobile, smart TV and many other devices, allowing us to get the most accurate data and to know exactly who will see your advertising.

Main audience

When you need to target the core audience for your campaign, we have all the tools and resources to help accomplish your mission.

Access a wide range of tools that will give you the exact target your business need

Categorized audience

By knowing enough details about your audience, such as interests, behaviors or just what they love- you can target that audience by using our innovative technology based on in-house and third-party data.

Retargeting audience

Display your specific campaign to people who already visited your website or app. This will make your campaign more effective and allow you to approach people who already know your brand.

It's as simple as just embedding and activating a code in your website to start collecting information about your visitors.

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Adaptable for any budget

  • Reach your audience

    You can specify the audience to reach by demographics, interests, behaviors or just information you previously collected

  • Capture their attention

    Your campaign will use the most innovative ad formats available on the market. They are eye-catching and redefined for the new technology era.

  • Benefit from powerful partnerships

    Our partnerships are made in order to benefit your business, with the most powerful solutions to reach your business goals.

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Whether you are a flower shop, shopping center, app developer or just a call center looking for more leads- your business can find valuable tools using Wide Markets` advertising solutions.

Finally, we found a solution that facilitates reaching our audience wisely. Wide Markets focuses their targeting system based on a combination of data from thousands of publishers, giving us the ability to find the audience we were looking to reach.

Carlos Faudo
VP of Media and Acquisition, Mentalidad Web

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