The Evolution Of Affiliate Marketing

July 26, 2018 | Editorial

Affiliate marketing is a digital advertising method focusing on commercial relationships between a brand (or advertiser) and a publisher. This method is very effective and loved due its based in a commission model of Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), where a certain amount of money is paid by an advertiser to the affiliate each time a user takes a certain action, such as a sale, or an app installation, it will all depend on the advertisers’ goals.

The Advertisers’ Goals

Most of the time, the reason why advertisers decide to work with affiliate networks such as Wide Markets, is that they want to increase their sales. They know what they need, and know the perfect low-cost way to get it, that is to share them with their affiliates, so publishers work in a shared way using media such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads, among other mediums they consider relevant to the public.

Publishers’ task is to promote something specific, but advertisers provide a wide variety of tools to the affiliate to make the promotion process easier. For the affiliate, it supposes a great support in the advertising process due it allows them to make any adjustment in a fast and simple way.

This Thing Is Changing

Since the Amazon story we already told you about, the digital channels through which affiliate marketing occurs have been expanding exponentially. In recent years not only there has been an increase in affiliate marketing through social media, but they have also changed the ways in which they occur. As new technologies and new forms of interaction have been introduced and refined publishers have adapted and repurpose their content. For example, links are no longer only made through banners and links in the text, but that the video is gaining preponderance as the new generations prefer visual content.

Affiliate marketing is a useful tool that allows advertisers a means to efficiently use their online advertising budget while providing affiliates with greater possibilities of obtaining profitability and monetizing their websites and social media profiles. There are many categories of what can happen in this affiliate marketing process. An affiliate can share specific content in their websites, or offer discounts on the products, some prefer to do some kind of SEM or pay ads on social media, if the affiliate has an email database, email marketing is a good option. Some use psychology and use price matches and comparisons to pull through the sale. No matter what they choose, it is always a good idea for the advertiser to work with the affiliate.

Just To Be Clear

Besides achieving a perfect Return On Investment (ROI), affiliate marketing seeks to expand the reach of the advertiser by expanding the public of their ads and promotions to those Internet users who transit on the affiliate’s site. At Wide Markets, we take special proud from our premium publishers. Working with us, allow brands to unlock the most exclusive advertising formats in an attempt to provide both our advertisers and their clients the best experience possible.

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