The Lack Of Innovation In The Affiliate Marketing Industry

June 20, 2018 | Editorial

Performance Marketing Is One Of The Best Innovative Ideas For Today’s Business But Why Nothing Came Up New Since The First Affiliate Link Was Created?


Innovation should be a must in competitive industries such as marketing, advertising, and promotion. Regardless of where you work, a part of you knows that whatever you do, you are hunting down the green numbers. Those that by a quantitative measure reflect the quality of the work you do.  Wide Markets as an expert in the affiliate network and media acquisition understood that need through experience. You cannot deliver the desired results if you do not make yours the goals of your partners. We could not be writing this post without understanding the importance of being innovative in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is A W E S O M E

Did you hear the sparkles at the end of awesome? This technique of finding cool things that makes people’s lives easier while consuming content that is of their interest could become one of the best weapons in your marketing strategy. Ideal for readers that love DIYs or hosting parties, because is easier to get interested in owning a specific product that a famous blogger is using. Luckily them, in the body of the post, they will often find the link to the website where they can buy the product, – this is affiliate marketing – and achieve mental peace – this is awesome.

Make It Happen, Live A TRIPLE Win Situation

Performance Marketing is THE triple win situation where everyone wants to be involved. At the moment when you click on the link in the post to buy the product and decide to purchase it, the cycle of the affiliate marketing closes and the satisfaction of the triple win situation begins. Reader wins a new gadget, the blogger gets a commission for the excellent suggestion, cool object producer gets to sell, lovely, right?

From A Blog To Divorced Books In Amazon

In July 1996, this lady came to a cocktail party and was eagerly sharing her ideas to sell books about divorce in her blog. Amazon’s founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, was also there. He hears the woman and suggested an opportunity where she could link her website to Amazon’s. Thus, a divorced survivor and an entrepreneur joint ideas to create the first affiliate link.

It Is Not About Just Talking About Something, Is About Finding The Right Person That Talks About Your Something.

If you have a product or service that want to market, the best advice we can give is to find the right people that can talk about your product to your desired target market. If you aspire to get a commission, find a product your friends and their friends would love to have and talk about it. Affiliate networks are a smart way to create brand awareness, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction, take advantage of it.

Why Nothing Came Up New Since The First Affiliate Link Was Created?

More than two decades ago the first link was created, and yet, regardless of this practice reaching maturity, innovation has not always been there to push affiliate marketing growth. Even though the networks are adapting to the fast peace changing technology, they stay within a comfort zone that delivers the same in different words.

Advertisers deserves to get known at any place where their users are, while watching TV, listening to the radio and other daily practices.

Innovation takes courage and creativity, you need to be bold, and make a regular product THE product the consumer needs. Challenge the organization and boost the competitive advantages, take it beyond expectation without selling false hope. Get a break, do not over multi-task and focus on a project, exploited it, take a risk, embrace the different ideas your mind is giving you, try the scariest, and think the wildest possible. This practice requires more than adapting because to adapt is not the same as to innovate.

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