The Publisher’s Mix

July 17, 2018 | Editorial

In the marketing world, everyone involved, publishers, agencies, clients, and affiliate networks, are striving to create strategies that will allow growth to take place every year. Something that will allow advertisers to growth with great strength is the fact that they can partner with different types of publishers.

It Is All About Perspective

Affiliate Managers in agencies and companies wonder frequently why would they need to diversify, but more importantly, what are the effect this diversification would have. The effects of having a diversified publisher mix start with gaining position in high traffic articles. Sometimes, we oversee the importance of traffic to our websites. However, there are no doubts that exposure gained from affiliate networks is highly beneficial and huge for every business since every purchase starts with awareness.

Media affiliates often provide a huge growth in sales and a major improvement in conversion rate. Most of the time all we care about is conversion, but we miss to analyze the impact that the traffic brought by the publishers is having in our sales. Traffic allows to grow word of mouth from people just visited your site, referrals from those who actually bought something from you, and repurchases if you managed to give a nice experience on the online environment as for the offline.

Diversifying your publishers should come in hand with rewarding and recognizing the value of the work they do, even if that “purchase click” did not directly come from them. Setting an amount or percentage extra to the CPA is a practice that will allow you to create more traffic and conversion. This extra spending will not create a huge difference from the budget, it will be some time more symbolic, like running the extra mile, the last hurray, that will make the last boost to your monthly sales.

A Partner And A Friend

Technology is changing as our editors write amazing blogs, as you read this article, and as many things are happening around you. The Millennials and Z Generations have been extremely adopting new technologies and its challenging advertisers every day, to have the right impact when the audience is ready to hear from you. With this new solution, advertisers can have access to very high-quality traffic generated by affiliate networks with premium publishers in every industry. Diversity is not only defined and/or limited to reach different audiences but it is also important to care and provide value in the customer journey and its touchpoints.

Choosing your partners is not summarized somewhere on the internet as series of steps, every industry and company is different, and their publisher mix will depend on trying new strategies, testing, learning, repurposing and starting the cycle again. Success depends on giving your publishers an opportunity and committing to make their ideas work. Wide Markets affiliate network counts with many different publishers to meet your goals, expectations, desires, and are ready to commit to your ideas.

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