The Relationship Between The Beauty Industry And Influencer Marketing

July 26, 2018 | Editorial

We bet that you have hear the magnates of the beauty and the fashion industry talk about how much they love and believe in the power that referrals, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing are contributing to their industries. The high ROI this marketing strategies have sometimes they surpass the ROI social media marketing or digital advertising can bring.

It is a fact that consumers rely less and less on traditional advertising formats. Thus, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing earn more advertising share within a brand. The power that new technologies give to audiences brings with it a higher level of criticism from consumers. They are now more predisposed to underestimate and question what the brands says. On the other hand, this has allowed reviews, references, and referrals to grows in terms of validity and credibility for being opinions of similar, or more experienced consumers.

Beginning At Influencer Marketing

Sometimes people believe, that an influencer necessarily needs to be a famous celebrity, but truth is that an influencer is not unescapably a famous person or a journalist, but, it can be any charismatic person with an important visibility and viral effect on the Internet. For example, a young teenager that loves make up and people love her art. This is something that can make the task hard for the brand to identify the influencers that are truly relevant to their products or services.

After the identification comes you need to contact the influencer, evaluate it, see indicators of possible conflict of interest, or similar, and of course, get a favorable attitude from them to your product or service, in the form of positive criticism or of some ad, even in the content generation, so your brand gets recommended by those influencers. Other forms of promotion with influencers is to invite them to launch products, send gifts or samples and have them talking about you.

Follow The Most Influential Voices In Your Category

We at Wide Markets encourage our clients to keep their eyes open, and ears listening to the chat in their industry, who speaks the loudest? Once you can answer that question partner with them. As subject experts, our influencers network include the best influential voices that will transform your goals into accomplishments. Setting up a monetizing solution, will not be something to do alone. Our best marketing managers will be working side by side with your team, showing you the best options and advising the best implementation to get the most out of your investment.

Nowadays, brands are requiring their advertising agencies and departments to include influencer marketing in their marketing strategies. In recent years, this type of marketing has been positioned as great ally for brands in their task to maintain relevance in the mind of the consumer, thanks to the increase in the reach rates that they promise to have. By the day, and in particular categories such as makeup, the opinion of experts, professional, celebrities, and other influencers, can built more strongly the brands credibility.

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