Three Myths And One Truth About Affiliate Marketing

July 09, 2018 | Editorial

THIS IS IT! The post you were looking to uncover the mysteries and truths of affiliate marketing. This was the first things we found out in our research.

Myth: Anyone Can Be Your Affiliate And Will Give You Results.

Do not believe every affiliate publisher is magical and will get you the sale you were looking. In fact, studies show that just 3% of people trying affiliate marketing gets the conversion advertisers to desire. Be especially careful if a potential affiliate just started a blog. We love to recommend our clients to partner with top publishers, with experience and knowledge in the field. Are you interested in accessing the right publisher? Find the ideal publishers in advertising networks were you will have polls of publishers like CNN, BBC, and others.

Myth: It Is Too Late To Jump In.

Some marketers believe that just because they did not use it in the past, they do not need to use it now or cannot use it. A cool thing about affiliate marketing is that it is never too late to jump in. Facebook is constantly changing, AdWords is now Google Ads, Google’s algorithms is always getting complex and adding more animals at the Zoo. An affiliate that was only using a website, may now switch to Facebook, or combine their strategies.

Myth: Successful Affiliate Marketing Is All About Luck.

Some marketers resist to affiliate marketing because they believe successful campaigns to advertise their products and services need to be lucky to work out. What they miss to understand is that affiliates will work hard on promoting you. They are constantly testing, improving, relaunching, and testing their campaigns. Remember commission in affiliate marketing is based in a CPA model, your affiliate needs to convert your sell, so their work will be getting better and better. A marketing strategy that is well thought out is not based on luck. Affiliate marketing is much more than just launching an ad and crossing fingers. It is all about effort rather than luck. You can make it more successful by sharing valuable content with your network, not by lighting up a candle.

The Truth Is…

Affiliate marketing is A L I V E, and a trend that is changing with the pace of technology and the different industries using it. It is a lot different from when it began. Banners, links, everything is different and getting more effective by the day. It is not shrinking, but instead, is in constant growth, and driving creativity to the maximum.

Our Advice.

Wide Markets’ affiliate network works with top publishers who specializes in all kind of marketing methods and operate different platforms. Learn how we help each one raising revenue and maximizing each impression, expanding your audiences, and placing your brand into new markets that are needing your products and services. This is a strategy anyone can adapt since it helps brands to reach any goal.

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