Wide Markets Media VS. Wide Markets Performance

June 20, 2018 | Editorial

In traditional media, there is an agreed rate between advertisers and publishers, and this cost is not proportional to how many customers it is going to bring, making it a risky proposition for retailers. Our fundamental difference is that our advertising is compensated in direct dependence on how many customer and sales are attracted.

The difference between our services

Wide Markets Media is managed by in-house media department and its talented people is focused on eCommerce stores that want to reach their audience through the most innovative advertising methods available these days. Starting from innovative TV apps targeting your audience with the support of our tagging system ID to track each user behavior and ending with simple mobile apps and websites displaying ads to your right audience. The huge experience and data collected in the last years allowed Wide Markets Media to establish itself as an independent department providing outstanding conversions and media spent at reasonable prices.

In the other hand Wide Market Performance, gained its popularity in the affiliate networks industry thanks to cooperation done with key companies such as AQ Data which provides completed information about performance publishers at any time and on every vertical. Focused on content marketing, social marketing and influencing marketing- Wide Markets raise sales to advertisers at lower risks with outstanding ROIs.

Wide Markets has a great vocation focused on the effective collaboration of all members of its family, bringing that way the opportunity to expand and develop. Wide Markets provides among a variety of options and right elements for common interest. Our experience and trajectory allow us to offer the best environment to achieve your goals. We always are delighted to have new members who feel our organization to help them through our management that their brands reach the desired success.

The Wide Markets purpose is to show that belonging to our company has an important impact on your commercial performance. Being part of Wide Markets in our two proposals, that is, as an advertiser or as publisher, makes your qualitative and quantitative potential emerge. The difference of our performance is due to the use of all our tools, especially the media, ours is a successful combination with great coordination in all processes.

Join our team and work closely as another top brand from key industries (Fashion, Automotive, Gaming, Travel, Financial and more). If your business is already established and it is running well, you may be inclined to let things continue to work as they are. However, it is time for a new approach, to identify how you can make the most of the market position you have established and decide what is your next business step. We are creative, we are strong and we want to help you. So, you just need to have a goal and will be a lead in maximizing your online traffic and monetizing it.


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